Ditto hangers sold out! Thank you to our customers. We are replenishing our hanger inventory. Coming May, 2022.

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What Ditto Fans are saying...

Love, love my Ditto hangers!! Simply an amazing product!


Is it crazy to love a hanger? These hangers will give you a whole lot more space in your closet and hold your clothes better than anything you've tried. I can see the clothing, it hangs perfectly and I'm about to place an order for more hangers. HIGHLY recommend these hangers!

Ditto Customer

This, like many human problems, is a design problem and the good folks at Ditto have come up with a solution.


You've imbued a commodity with meaning.

Chairman, John Adams Innovation Institute

Who knew that replacing over half of our plastic hangers with Ditto hangers could revolutionize our one and only closet? Gone are tangles and clothes sliding off slippery hanger slopes! Happiness is Ditto in my closet. It's awesome to have a truly sustainable choice!


Your eco hangers are really excellent! Congratulations on a very innovative product!


I thought I was going mad by worrying about the amount of hangers there are made for the clothing industry. You have answered my prayers.


The hangers arrived an hour ago and they look great. I am really pleased how the clothes fall on them; they're perfect for our application. Our store wants to instill the belief that green and sustainable products can have sophisticated design elements, case in point: Ditto Hangers. It’s changes in how everyday products, like hangers, are made that are going to make a difference for the planet. Congratulations, it’s genius!


They are gorgeous. I can see why they are winning awards, as they should. They’ll look great in the booth we’ve designed.Very, very nice. Good job!


Why paper?

Paper is better for the Environment

- Ditto hanging solutions utilizes recycled paper from the responsible forestry of trees.  It is a natural, renewable, and sustainable source of materials.  Plastic is dependent on fossil fuels which is a limited, controversial resource.  

- Paper itself is one of the most recyclable materials available in the world today.  Paper can be recycled up to 7 times without any additives, whereas plastic immediately requires virgin material and/or stabilizers in order to be repurposed up to 3 times.

- Paper is truly the only closed loop solution - you can recycle ditto hangers into more ditto hangers.  Plastic does not inherently break down, as it releases toxic chemicals and degrades into micro plastics.

- All products eventually end up in a landfill, paper is the best thing to put there. What we can’t capture ends up in our ocean and rivers.  Paper naturally biodegrades and will break down within 7 weeks.  Plastic will breakdown into micro plastics over thousands of years.

- Federal Governments of every country are closing in on the use of plastics.  Plastic options will become limited and more expensive. This is already happening in the EU and Canada as governments mandate plastic free regulations.